The Art of the Moment

Shadows falling on a wall, the color of a surface, the lines in a streetscape all coming into a sudden focus – photographer Christina Kayser O. registers all these impressions and translates them into graphic photo art. She is captured by the magic of the moment and reserves a soft spot for unique moods she experiences on her travels to places like California, Israel, Berlin, Antwerp and New York.

Motifs span wide, but a common thread is an intricate composition, appealing subtleties, and particular details that draw the gaze of the beholder.

“I have stories on my mind all the time. Several series are in the making, written down in my notebook and ready to be worked on. But mostly I don’t approach projects with a set of rules on what I am trying to accomplish. I just seize the moment and shoot. I see pictures all the time and I will never let go of my passion for aesthetics, graphic simplicity, colors and shapes.”

– Christina Kayser O.

Photographer Christina Kayser O. works for leading international publications in both Denmark and abroad. She is recognized for her specific style in lifestyle photography, portrait and advertising.